We ask you what you would buy and where you would buy it?

‘Hot Spots’, ‘Growth Corridors’ and ‘Golden Triangles’ are just some of the terms being thrown around a lot here on the Gold Coast at the moment.

Why should we take note..?

… well there’s a lot to gain!

While Sydney and Melbourne have bounded off into the sunset (for now), South East Queensland and even more so the Gold Coast is seen by locals and ‘FOMO interstaters’ alike as an area considerably undervalued. Throw in historically low interest rates, a booming construction sector and a bounce back in tourism and there’s arguably nowhere in Australia better to invest in the next couple of years for capital growth.

GC Beach
The amazing beaches of the Gold Coast, what’s not to love?


So don’t be shy.. tell us what’s the best to buy and why?

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What’s your pick?

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