Key Outcomes of iGO

In a rapidly growing city, getting transport right is the foundation for jobs growth and to protect our lifestyle.

Ipswich City Council has developed the draft City of Ipswich Transport Plan (iGO) that outlines Council’s aspirations to advance Ipswich’s transport system and to guide future investment decision making.

Facilitating travel mode choices
Reducing Ipswich resident’s dependency on the car by facilitating competitive, attractive and sustainable travel mode choices through the provision of quality transport infrastructure and incentives/disincentives.

Train transport iGOTransport and land use
Fostering the development of strong, compact and connected mixed use activity centre and complete communities.

Culture shift
Clever new thinking and strong leadership to make sustainable decisions.

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A word from our Mayor Paul Pisasale

Ippy Mayor
Shaping the city’s transport future. Credit: Paul Pisasale Facebook page.

“One of my top priorities as Mayor is a future transport system for Ipswich that is sustainable.

We simply can’t build our way out of traffic congestion.

Getting transport right, with proper investment and clever new thinking, is the foundation for jobs growth and to protect our lifestyle. I want Ipswich people to be economically and socially connected, with the right land use mixes where residents can live close to work, education, shops and recreation opportunities, and where journeys are safe, reliable and convenient.

To help shape the city’s transport future, Ipswich City Council has released its first ever integrated transport plan called iGO and we are seeking public feedback before it is finalised.

All levels of government need to work together to provide sustainable transport solutions and our plan will help guide future investment decision making.

Please visit our dedicated webpage at www.ipswich.qld.gov.au/igo to find out more.”

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