The Gold Coast Bulletin uncovers the full list of Tates 2016 promises

Let's hope the Gold Coast keeps moving in the right direction.
Let’s hope the Gold Coast keeps moving in the right direction.

Whether you can vote or did vote for Tom Tate it’s probably a good idea to know what he plans to achieve in his upcoming term as re-elected Mayor.

Here’s the list of Mayor Tom Tate’s promises, uncovered by the Gold Coast Bulletin –

I, Tom Tate, solemnly swear to deliver the following …

● Keeping rates low, by limiting increases to inflation or below

● $90 million in congestion-busting road upgrades and bottleneck intersection upgrades

● Funding the technical study of stage 3 of the light rail — all the way to Gold Coast Airport

● Expanding the turn-left-on-red trial city wide

● Funding free off-peak bus travel for seniors for the entirety of my next term

● A ferry service for Gold Coast waterways

● Doubling our CCTV cameras to keep our suburbs safer

● An ocean side cruise ship terminal proposal — a pylon jetty out to sea, south of Sea World

● 24/7 council, including expanding online services to pay rates, register dogs and obtain permits

● Smart lighting in our public parks to increase efficiency and respond to anti-social behaviour

● Real-time flood modelling for disaster management and real-time traffic data

● Infra-red camera trial on key beaches in partnership with SLSQ to reduce lowlight drownings

● Improving the ease of finding parking locations and live parking availability

● New parking signs so it is easy for people to understand where to park

● “Parking kickstart” — full discount on development charges where public car parks are the primary land use

● Synchronising the traffic lights across the city by upgrading technology

● Digital signage on key routes to direct traffic and provide safety information

● An Olympic-sized swimming pool at Pimpama

● 10 outdoor gyms across the city

● Improving active trans¬port options, including 100km of new bike paths

● Smarter libraries and smarter community spaces, including 3D printers and technology for visually and hearing-impaired residents

● Smart water meters to allow automatic reporting of leaks and more efficient maintenance, reporting and servicing

Read the original story by the Gold Coast Bulletin – Click HERE.


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