The balancing act agencies face in choosing between youth and experience

REIQ Feb AwardsAs soon as you meet Jessica King you can’t help but sense her enthusiasm and authentic passion for real estate. She’s an infectious young woman who in the space of just two years went from a Property Management trainee to Senior Property Manager at MPM Property, Parkwood and winner of the REIQ Rookie of the Year for 2014.


What do you remember most clearly about those first few months when you started working in real estate? I was inspired by the pace and variety of the Real Estate industry and knew this was the career for me. The role of working as an administrator allowed me to gain this valuable insight and talk with our range of customers and associated trades and contractors. I realised there were so many different aspects and tasks that combine to make up each individual department, and wanted to learn more about how the agency as a whole operates.REIQ Feb MPM article

Why did you decide to take on a traineeship rather than just taking the plunge with only the Registration course behind you? The traineeship provides staff with holistic understanding of how the agency operates and doesn’t just focus on the fundamental requirements. It enables staff to receive formal training along with in office experience and real work knowledge. It was the combination of these aspects that I believe gave me greater knowledge and deeper understanding of the Real Estate Industry. It was always my desire to strive to manage or own my own agency one day.REIQ Feb MPM article pg2

How do you think doing a traineeship and having the support of your supervisor Kelly Higgins, influenced your career in real estate? Without having the support from Kelly and the knowledge gained through completing the traineeship, I wouldn’t be in the position I am today. I have been given the opportunity to continue to learn and have someone beside me who mentors me, works with me and guides me. I have learnt that Real Estate is a collation of many individual tasks. If you break down each task and learn the fundamentals, there isn’t any aspect I can’t learn or achieve. Because of this I am challenged to continue to learn, and have the drive and inspiration to continue to work at my goal of learning every facet of real estate.

What is the one thing you would say to any employer who was unconvinced of the value of traineeships when all that is required is the Registration course? There are great benefits to both the employee and employer which include “understanding the whole real estate” transaction and not just the part the employee provides. Risk Management and the provision of quality service through experience and knowledgeable staff are invaluable to our agency and I would expect other agencies and licensees. For employers this provides a staff member with a greater appreciation of legislation and the code of conduct, and also demonstrates a staff member that is dedicated and passionate about a longterm career in Real Estate.

Traineeship and REIQ Recruits Coordinator

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