By Jennifer Duke
Wednesday, 15 January 2014

This summer is heating up quickly, with those in Melbourne experiencing temperatures of around 30 degrees celsius at 7am this morning. It might just be the time to consider cooling your home and the options you have.
Reverse cycle air-conditioning is going to be many peoples’ fail safe go-to for the summer months. This is the first method most think of, being a generally cost-effective and energy efficient way to keep cool, recommends Fujitsu General.
When researching the options, ensure you let the specialist know the following:

  • The size and shape of the space being cooled
  • The direction the windows face and the dimensions
  • The type of insulation in the home
  • If the system is for the whole home, a study or bedroom(s)
  • The budget

Source: Fujitsu General
Ensure you consider offering the option to your tenant, as it can even result in some cash back in your pocket. Many tenants suffering through the hot months will be willing to pay a little extra in their rent for a useful staple such as air conditioning. Ensure you offer this to them at the end of a tenancy when their rental payments are negotiable.
Consider the following other tips to keep your home cool:

  • Fans can be another useful option to consider, and freestanding fans or cooling units have helped a number of tenants through the tough months (when using fans, keep doors shut to other rooms).
  • Keep the blinds and windows shut. This is particularly important if the sun shines directly onto your windows into trafficked rooms. Opt for insulated curtains or aluminium/reflective blinds where possible to keep the heat away.
  • Reflective window film can be considered.
  • Open the windows during cooler hours and at night to let the breeze in.
  • Ensure you don’t have any extra heat sources adding to the issue. Turn off heat producing lights and avoid using your oven and other heat producers for long periods of time. Undertake these activities at night where possible.

How do you keep your property cool?

Source: The Property Observer – Jennifer Duke